28 Plays Later

Finally, fans, my blog is up and running again, with a splendid new play writing project run by Script Space.

This is the brief from the organiser, Sebastian Rex:
'During the month of February, you will have to produce twenty eight short plays. Plays can be good, bad, inspired, embarrassingly dreadful - the only thing that’s important is that you write them. You commit £15 to the project and, at the end of February, the money will be split between all the survivors who make it 28 plays later.'
- 28 Plays Later
Twenty eight plays in a month. Cor. That’s one a day, isn’t it? Yes, it is, and it can be done.
   You are sent a prompt every evening at about 10pm and have thirty six hours to write and send off your play. But a whole play? No, of course not. Plays can be any length, and as good or bad as they turn out to be. Doesn’t matter. The point is, doing them. If you have a busy day, you can send off a very short one, and if you’re inspired, keep going. No one is going to criticise or mark you and if you send in a rubbish one, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a competition.
   What’s in it for you? You wind up with twenty eight plays or ideas for plays, and a cut of the money at the end of it (the more people who drop out, the greater the amount). Money-wise, it probably won’t be all that much, to be truthful, especially if everyone finishes, nor are fame and fortune on offer, but you will have shown stick-to-it-iveness and given your imagination a bashing.
   Sebastian, the brain in charge, is a bit of a hoot and his prompts are inspiring. He gives you loads of suggestions for what to write and if you can’t pick something out of them, you’re not much of a writer.
    For instance, here, without permission from Himself, is the first prompt:
‘As you may or may not know, the title 28 Plays Later was inspired by the film 28 Days Later, which was filmed in our beautiful neighbourhood of the Isle of Dogs. Zombies seem to be all the rage at the moment, so let’s join the rage.
    ‘Seriously? I have to write about zombies?’ I hear you ask. ‘On the FIRST challenge?!’
    Well, you can if you want, or you can think of it more abstractly. What does it mean to be un-dead? What is as contagious as zombies? Perhaps a political movement? Or a popular craze? In what other ways do humans want to eat humans? Or perhaps you just want to write about zombies. Either way, let these fluffy creatures inspire you (They are fluffy, yeah? I am thinking about the right thing, right?)
    Oh, and keep it in your neighbourhood!
    As a bonus for extra points, add yourself as a character to the play. (and points mean prizes. What do points mean? You’re right. Nothing!)’
Me and zombies? Oh dear. I didn’t think so. Not my thing. But a little research and I was away, and within the day I had a short play that, with a bit more work, could almost have been ready for a competition. Same with the rest - Love, An Extraordinary World, Hate, Something That Matters, Something You Know Nothing About - they won’t all come to anything, but having your imagination challenged every day can only be good for you.
    So, excuse me for a while. I have a play to write.


Exeter Writer said...

Best of luck, Clare. I'm sure you'll make it through.

Gilly said...

Well Clare you're half way now and I look forward to hearing some of them!