2003 - Wales and West section of Real Writers short story competition, with Mr Cupcake's Pigeon, published in RW magazine.

2006 - The Frogmore Papers short story competition with Going On, published in the September 2006 edition.

2007 - Fish/Historical Novel Association short story competition, with The Burning, published in anthology, Harlem River Blues, 2008.

2008 - JBWB poetry competition with A Friend Dying, published on website.

2008 - Doris Gooderson short story competition with The Curious Incident of the Second Hand Scarf.

- Speakeasy short story competition with Big Night Out.

2009 - The New Writer short story competition with Something To Tell You, published in July/August issue.

2009 - Kaixin short story competition with The Three Secrets of The Tomb of Qin Shi Huang Di, published on website.

2010 - Writers' Village Short Story competition with Kitemaker, published on website.

Short break to concentrate on play writing.  However ...

2013 - Langport Short story competition with Ladies In Red.


2007 - Lymm Lines short story competition with Seven.

2007 - Newark poetry competition with The Book and Its Cover.

2007 - Hastings International Poetry Competition with Diversion in Islington.

2010 - Sentinel short story competition with Wages.

2014 - Henshaw short story competition with Blue Rabbit.

2014 - San Animal Santuario with Last Chance Saloon 


- PrimeProse Flash Fiction with Twenty Six

2008 - Roundyhouse poetry competition, with Frog, published in issue 25, Roundyhouse magazine


1994 - Ian St James Awards with Hooks, published in Harper/Collins anthology Brought to Book.

1996 - Asham Literary Endowment Trust Awards with The Drawing Room, published in Serpent's Tail anthology The Catch. Subsequently broadcast in Radio 4's Afternoon Story slot in 2001 as one of its Five Women series, and again in May, billed in the Radio Times Choice column as 'arguably the best.'

2006 - Fish/Historical Novel Society short story competition with Titian's Rose, published in the Fish anthology All The King's Horses.

2006 - Balbriggan Arts Festival with New Paint.

2007 - Hertford University short story competition with The Picture of Edward Downie, and published in the UH Press Vision anthology.

2007 - New Writer short story competition with Say Nothing.

2007 - Cadenza short story competition with A Long Immortal Dream.

2008 - Wells short story competition with Wounded.

2008 - Southport short story competition with The Coffee Business.

- H.E.Bates short story competition with A Briefer Encounter, published in anthology, Handprints.

2009 - The New Writer short story competition with What Will Survive

2009 - Lichfield short story competition with New Paint.

- Writers' Bureau short story with Twenty Six.

2011 - Leaf Diary Competition with Sunday Lunch in Dawlish

2014 - Jane Austen short story competition with The Nemesis of Meryton, to be published in an anthology in 2015.


I have a lot of these, but have decided not to post them.  Having judged several competitions, I have come to the conclusion that they are really just the best of a bad job and not much to brag about.  It's only first, second or third from now on

1999 - Full length play, Rushmount - a modern interpretation of the film Rashomon - chosen by Exeter University for its 'Reading the Future' project and given a rehearsed reading at the Northcott Theatre.

2005 - One act play, A Hitch in Time, performed at Northcott Theatre as part of an evening of short plays by Northcott Community Company's playwriting group.

2006 - Monologue, Killing Time, performed at the Northcott Theatre, in an evening of short monologues written by members of the Northcott Community Company.

2006 - Full-length adaptation of Stella Gibbons' Cold Comfort Farm, performed by Topsham's Estuary Players (see the production photos), and currently blocked by Curtis Brown, due to licensing diffculties.

2007 - One act play, Besieged, performed as part of series of ecological plays by Northcott Community playwriting group.

2007 - Shortlisted in Pomegranate Theatre's one act play competition with The Same Boat.

2007 - Two one-minute plays, No and Bomb Disposal, performed at Harrogate Festival as part of the GI60 One Minute Play Festival: see the video  (No is at 13.00, Bomb Disposal is at 47.00.  The whole series is well worth watching.)

2008 - Shortlisted for Windsor Fringe Marriott with one act play, Lovely Flowers.
2008 - Two monologues, Killing Time, and Big Night Out, performed at the MAD Festival, Cambridge, on 15th June.

2008 - Two one act plays, Besieged and Lamb, performed by Naked Stage, Cambridge, on 5th October.

2009 - Five-minute playlet, No, accepted for Table Talk, Cambridge, performed 29th March.

2009 - Four short monologues and duologues, Passing It On, The Conan Marriage Crisis, Ladies in Red and The Speech For The Defence In The Hansel And Gretel Proceedings, accepted for MAD Festival, Cambridge, performed on 3rd May.

2009 - 1-minute play, Goldfish, accepted for GI60 One Minute Play Festival, Halifax, performed on June 5th. View either by clicking on above or at* Goldfish is at 9.00.

2009 - One act play, The Same Boat, accepted by Cygnet stage school, Exeter, and performed on July 23rd and 24th.

2009 - One act play, Still Standing, accepted for Naked Stage, Cambridge and performed on 11th October.

2009 - Ten minute play, Yes, But ... , accepted for Semper Station, Sutton Coldfield, performed on 20th October.

2009 - Monologue, Waiting, accepted for Trading Local, Exeter, and performed on 14th November.  Requested for further performance in Bristol in October 2010.

2010 - Extract from full length play, Rushmount, accepted for Open Page, London, and given rehearsed reading on 28th January.

- One act play, A Hitch in Time, accepted for Naked Stage, Cambridge, and performed on 21st February.

2010 - Ten minute play, Father, accepted by Semper Station, Sutton Coldfield, performed on 9th March

2010 - Short plays, Yes, But ...  and The Speech for the Defence in the Hansel and Gretel Proceedings accepted by Dartington Ways With Words and performed on 18th July

2011 - 20 minute play, Father, shortlisted for Bristol Folk.

2011 - 15 minute monologue, A Briefer Encounter, accepted by MAD, Cambridge, performed on 11th July.

2011 - 90 minute play, A Quiet Gentleman, accepted by Cygnet Stage School, Exeter, and performed on 28th July.

Taking a break from competitions to concentrate on play writing .....

Back in the groove -

2013 - Two one-minute plays, Brass Monkeys (US) and Neighbours (UK) accepted and performed by Gi60. Brass Monkeys can now be viewed at  Neighbours is at

2013 - Two one-page plays, Neighbours and Across the Void accepted by Menagerie for 2013 Hotbed Festival.

2013 - Extract from full length play Skywalker, accepted for Exeter's Ignite Festival, but unfortunately not performed, due to actors dropping out.

2013  - Extract from Skywalker accepted by Ripped Script.

2013 - 10 minute play, Letting Down Rapunzel's Hair, accepted for consideration with Bunbury Banter.

2014 - Short play, Bomb Disposal, accepted by 4 minute Cab and available in podcast at

2014 - Monologue, The Embalmer, accepted by Sandalle, and performed in Neath on 8th July. Viewable on YouTube at

2014 - 1 minute play, Punishment, accepted by Gi60, performed in Harrogate and posted on YouTube.

2014 - Monologue, Going On, accepted by Installations, performed in Salisbury on 4th October

2014 - One act play, A Gift of Marguerites, accepted by Write Angles for performance at the Palace Theatre, Southend in 2015

2016 - No recent activity, due to the long illness and death last year of my husband, Ray.

Recent noteworthy events.

2011 - Invited to judge entries for Sentinel short story competition.

2014 - Invited to judge entries for Writers' Village short story competition.

2014 - Invited to submit articles for Classic Cottages.

2014 - Invited to judge entries for Sentinel short story competition

2015 - Invited to judge entries for Hysteria short story competition